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How It Works?

Hidden within the wax of our Amber Dawn candles is a pair of stud earrings.  Usually in the first 10hrs of burning your candle you will discover your earrings.  Our Gold and Silver platted earrings are in the style of Minimalistic, they will suit everyone.  These will be your new favourite earrings.

Burn your candle until you see a good amount of the silver foil package.  Snuff out your candle and allow it to cool slightly.  Remove the silver package with tweezes/a fork/or your handy wick dipper.  Place on a tissue or prepared surface as it will have melted wax on it.  Open the silver foil to reveal a press-seal bag holding your earrings.  Which did you get??

Bonus Jewellery - 1 in 10 will have the excitement of finding extra jewellery.  Either a second pair of earrings or a necklace matching their earrings near the bottom of the canister.  A little thank you surprise.  

We love seeing what earrings you found so please be sure to upload a picture of your find to Instagram.