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Candle Care

It is important to take care of your candle to get maximum use, if burnt properly, your candle will last you well over 70 hours.

On your first burn please allow to burn for a minimum of 2 hours, enough time for the melted pool of wax to reach the edge of the canister. This will prevent future tunnelling.

Candle burn times of 1-2 hours is ideal, with a max burn of 4 hours.

Soy wax burns at a lower heat, so a thicker cotton wick is required. This is why you will need to trim your wick periodically. Trim your wick before each burn to 5-7mm.  If you have a pair of Wick Trimmers, hold the scissors just above the wax to trim.  Removing any fallen wick.  This will help your candle burn longer and evenly.

Avoid blowing out your candle as you will be left with a room filled with a smoke smell rather then your chosen scent.  Dipping your wick in the melted pool of wax and then straitening it is the best method, and prepares your wick for your next burn.  Pinching it or snuffing it out is also a good method. 

Place your candle on a heat proof surface away from drafts or curtains.  Keep away from children or pets, trust me that singed cat fur does not smell nice (but on the plus side your cat will no longer jump up onto the mantle).  Avoid moving your candle when lit as the canister can be hot.

Discontinue use when wax nears the bottom of the canister, minimum of 5mm.

Cleaning out your Amber Dawn canister:

Put your canister in the freezer for awhile, this causes the wax to contract and then it will pop out easily.  For any little residue bits run hot water in your canister with a small amount of dish soap and wipe the sides and bottom. 

Soy wax will wash out easily with hot soapy water.  But avoid pouring wax down your drains.  The wax will solidify in the pipes when cool and clog your drain eventually.

Re-use this gorgeous canister for so many things: flowers, jelly beans, cotton balls, sugar, tea bags, even your new collection of Amber Dawn stud earrings.

Earring Care

Your new earrings are anti-tarnish by double-layer plating and are non-allergenic. Avoid contact with perfume as this will degrade the plating.