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Amber Dawn candles embodies our love of luxury and our childish desire for more surprises in life.  A copper or brass candle with hidden jewellery!  What more could you want?

We know you will enjoy the luxurious scents of our hand poured soy wax candles in beautiful copper or brass plated canisters, and delight in the discovery of your Silver or Gold stud earrings.  With over 30 different earrings to collect you have so many possibilities. The Jewellery is wrapped in a protective bag then enclosed in silver foil.

Our canisters are designed to contribute to your own home styling, hence why we have kept any labels or engraving off the outside, instead just a label on the bottom.  The canisters have a hammered finish and come with a matching lid.  The high quality canisters look great in any house, and their versatility means they can be reused in so many amazing ways.   

Canister measurements D=80mm H=100mm

With over 350g of pure soy wax which will fill your room with scent for 70 plus hours (if burned correctly). The wax we use is non-toxic soy wax. Soy wax is a vegetable product that gives you a clean and long burn that is safe for the whole family.